Thailand Smartphone Market Share Updates


Thailand is currently not one of the best markets for BlackBerry, unlike South Africa; the amount of BlackBerry users in Thailand has rapidly dropped through the past three years. This is due to people carrying on with the so-called ‘trend’ making them use whatever their friend’s ‘start’ to use or ‘highly recommend’ and not making their own choices.

Sunthat Laicharoen, (Senior Analyst for telecom at GfK Retail and Technology in Thailand) believes that BlackBerry will be making it’s way back into the Thailand smartphone market, with the launch of the BlackBerry 10 Operating System, and two new top-end devices.

Mr. Laicharoen claims that 68% of Thailand’s market share currently runs on the Google Android Operating System, whilst a much lower 18% currently runs on Apple’s iOS. Mr. Sunthat expects BlackBerry and Windows Phone to make a major effect on the smartphone market share this year, probably taking much of Google’s and Apple’s share in the Thai smartphone market. Personally, I think that Windows Phone 8 does not stand much of a chance, having been out for a while now, sales don’t look to be very high, whilst the BlackBerry Z10 appears to be outselling many other devices in other countries, such as: Canada and the United Kingdom.

Earlier last year, Android ran 70% of Thailand’s smartphone market, meaning that it dropped down 2% this year. Apple’s iOS devices had also ran 20% of the smartphone market in Thailand, also dropping two percent this year.

In 2012, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices ran a combined total of 10%, which has indeed increased to 14% for this year. I personally think that most of the ‘14%’ are BlackBerry devices though.

I can only recommend spreading the word about the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry doesn’t appear to be doing to well in Thailand; but we can change that, only with everyone onboard #TeamBlackBerry!

Source: Bangkok Post

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